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This seems a beautiful bit of community contribution/organizing in service of lessening contact with police. My knowledge of the event is based solely on the flyer so here's hoping it goes smoothly and helps some New Orleans folks out.

Text reads: )

RT'd on the New Orleans DSA Twitter account: "Out taillights are #1 reason for traffic stops. Traffic stops are especially perilous and life disrupting to undocumented immigrants and PoC. Good taillights provide a sliver of protection."

Signal Boost: Sale on Pretty Things

Aug. 15th, 2017 03:22 pm
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[personal profile] james is having a moving sale on home-sewn fabric items, mostly bags in many patterns and sizes: Gilas Cave on Etsy: 20% OFF WITH MINIMUM $10 ORDER. Sale is from today until Aug 25th, items sent from Sacramento, California.

Antifa is not the goddamn enemy

Aug. 14th, 2017 09:28 am
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Do you know what happens when your sole organizing tactic is a "Joyful Protest" away from where nazis are congregating and proselytizing, so as to not give them attention? They beat the shit out of random black people or anyone else vulnerable who meets their broad definition of subhuman, without consequence, or correction.

Part of the function of Antifa (and those using Black Bloc tactics) is to stand between the fash and their unarmed victims, taking the violence upon themselves, as noted by a Lutheran priest at Charlottesville who reported that Antifa individuals saved her and those around her from being beaten.

The only reason the nazis are receiving widespread condemnation, lipservice though it may be, is because an attack was caught on video, with many witnesses, and that attack killed a white woman.

I deeply appreciate the SPLC but "ignore the trolls and they'll go away" has been tried and found wanting. They want to be a boot stomping on our faces forever. Fuck tolerance.

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