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I've been doing something odd lately.  Something I don't often do.

Something that involves quality time on my own.

Something that probably isn't that productive, really.

If you guessed extreme crocheting in a deep-sea submarine, then you're only slightly wrong.  Although, honestly, sometimes I think it's more likely I'd be doing that than actually undertaking this activity.

It's writing.  I've been writing.  Actually writing.  More than this, I've been wanting to write and that is honestly something that hasn't happened much since university SUCKED MY WILL TO WRITE.

Last month, mostly thanks to LorF, I more than doubled my GYWO word count.  In fact, I think I might aim to do the same thing this month: double my word-count to date.  And I might actually be able to achieve it.

There are several things fuelling this sudden, inexplicable desire to write:
  1. LorF
  2. The freezing cold weather of freezing coldness
  3. Google Documents
Yes, Google Documents.  For some reason.  I turned to Google Docs in desperation when my work decided to ban the upload of attachments to Gmail, as it's apparently the equivalent of worshipping the devil or something.  It kind of works, because it means I'm doing everything in Firefox.  So while this makes it easier to be distacted by the net when I'm writing, it conversely makes it easier to be distracted by writing when I'm on the net.

The logic behind this may not be entirely perfect, but I'm not going to question it too closely in case it gets scared and stops working as well as it currently is.

At present, I am writing LorF and I shall hereby furnish you with the first paragraph.  The episode has grown from a tiny seed of three words: Then Rowan sneezed.  Which has since been converted into present tense because... well, just because.
Then Rowan sneezes and I'm torn between saying “Bless you” and “What in the name of bloody hell did you do that for, you bloody idiot?”.  It’s a difficult choice and I hope never to be in a position where I have to make it ever again.

So I'm working on that.  At the moment, I am quietly confident about this episode's ability to confuse the hell out of everyone.  This makes me very happy indeed.

In other news, I have a couple of Dreamwidth invites which need to be distributed.  Please comment with your email if you'd like one and I shall send them your way.
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