Jan. 1st, 2009

katiefoolery: (Get your words out!)
Happy new year to everyone! Quite frankly, 2008 was a little bit too sucky for my liking so I have great hopes for 2009. So far, it has gone thusly:
  • Celebrated.

  • Woke up at 7:30am due to cat. When staggering about, mostly asleep, to feed said cat, noticed that there was sunshine and blue sky outside and thought, Huzzah! 2009 is going to be lovely.

  • Slept in ever such a tiny bit and woke up to grey clouds and rain.

  • Ranted a bit about the weather. In my head, anyway. No-one ever really listens and it doesn't exactly achieve anything.

  • Ate breakfast at 2pm.

  • Panicked a wee about the prospect of vlogging AS EARLY AS NEXT WEEK HELP.

  • Failed to come to a consensus on whether antiwpa.dll is malware or not. Also failed to understand why it's on my computer, considering I have an official Windows sticker and an official Windows authentication code and official Windows installation CDs...

  • Twittered. Actually, all I did was sign up a Twitter account, but it's close enough

And then I wrote a list, apparently. Is anyone else out there Twittering? Let me know so I can stalk you in 140 words or fewer. Strangely, I'm Katiefoolery there.

The first of January also marks the start of [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout and I'm off to a slow start so far with my grand word count of zero. However, there are still some, oh, six and a half hours left of today and I'm sure I can manage a good thousand or so words by the time that's passed.

How's the new year going for everybody else?

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