Jan. 22nd, 2009

katiefoolery: (The open road awaits)
First, some correspondence.

Dear Gillette,

Contrary to your claims, five blades are not, in fact, better than three.  Please to be giving me back the significant amounts of money I parted with in order to uncover this lie.
(Might as well start with the classy one, right?)

Dear LJ Voice Post,

You fail!  No, you fail.  Don't come at me with your reasonable arguments about actually entering my phone number in the correct international fashion or saving more than just one Voice Post number to my phone.  You.  Fail.

It's just lucky you're ceasing to fail now.
(Completely LJ's fault.  Really.)

Dear CountryLink,

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLL.  So much fail it's impossible to encompass its magnitude with a mere word.  First, you make me wait almost forty minutes for a delayed train in forty degree heat.  (Forty degrees Celsius, people.  One hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit.)  In forty degree heat, I say, on a little platform with only a tiny bit of shade to help keep cool.  IT DID NOT HELP.  And then, not content with this, you arrived in the city NINETY-FIVE minutes later than you were meant to.  NINETY-FIVE.  Seriously.
(*is still shaking fist over this*)

And now for the picspam... )

Just a few choice pictures from my recent two trips to Beechworth.  And with any luck, I should also be embedding my latest fivedotnerds video right about here:


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