Mar. 6th, 2009

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There may be some sort of destiny thing involved when it comes to this vlogging business.  But that's not for now; that's for later.  And possibly for later in video format.

For now, I'm going to complain about the way I have to sacrifice so much footage on the altar of the four minute rule.  We decided the videos should be no longer than four minutes waaaaaay back, a fact I subsequently forgot in my second video, which went for almost six mintues, and which resulted in my being punished.  Four minutes is an abundance of time, really it is.  And yet it's not enough.

It turns out I ramble on quite a lot for someone who believes she doesn't talk very much.  Apparently that not-talking thing goes right out of the window when I sit in front of a camera.  Which is strange, because I was very keen on the not-talking thing when I first sat in front of a camera.  Feeling like an idiot.  Staring at the camera in defiant silence.  And then talking too quietly for human ears to catch a single word of what I said.

No longer, it seems.  Right now, it feels as though I had to discard about twenty minutes of footage in order to come up with a four minute video.  And it's not easy to do.  I want to put it all in.  For a while there, I was tempted to risk another punishment and just make this latest video as long as I wanted it to be.  But no.

It's fun, though.  It's so much fun.  Yes, it took over half an hour to film.  Yes, at one point my stupid HP touchpad didn't quite register when I hit the "end record" button, resulting in two lost takes before I realised what was going on.  And yes, it did take almost two hours to edit.  But damn, it's worth it.  I love the process so much.

And I still want to get better.  To that end, I'm issuing a challenge to my lovely flist: find something you don't like in this latest video and tell me about it.  Deadly serious.  No compliments.  No positives.  Just the thing (or things!) you didn't like.  (There are at least two things I already want to change.)  You can even comment anonymously if you prefer.

As for the challenge in the video itself, that's open to my flist too.  Bonus points if you do it in video format! :D

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