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Birthdate:Jun 22
Location:Melbourne, (states/regions/territories), Australia
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Hello. My name is Katiefoolery. You killed my fa--

No, wait...

Hello. My name is Katiefoolery and I'm a writer. It's an incurable disease; please pity me. I spent most of 2008 in remission but now it's come back to claim me.


Unfortunately, being an un-published, half-reluctant writer doesn't actually pay the bills (amazing but true!) so I work in a secondary school library in order to remain fed, clothed and sheltered. I'm not entirely fond of this arrangement and tend to complain about it from time to time. Yes, it would be more practical if I did something about it instead of just complaining about it but what can I say? I'm good at complaining.

I'm also a beta. This doesn't help with the bill-paying thing, but it does allow me to do my best to make people cry whilst ridding the world of mis-placed apostrophes. It's incredibly satisfying.

I love meeting new people via LJ so please, go ahead and friend me. It will most certainly be reciprocated. :D

When I'm not writing, beta-ing, or working (or complaining about my work), I'm most likely to be found in one of the following places:
my brand new blog,
[community profile] 15_minute_fic, which I co-mod with the good [personal profile] crazedturkey
Twitter, where I... twitter
Life or Freedom on YouTube, where I am procrastinating

I ♥ LorF

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