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It’s strange the way things come back when you least expect them.  Black Fiddle has been doing that of late around here.  Well, not so much the story as Jeannie herself.  It’s not surprising - she’s a hard-headed, stubborn, determined sort of person, that Jeannie.  I don’t think she appreciates being shoved away to the back of my mind, forced to keep company with thoughts of never being brought to light again.

She popped up a while ago, while I was listening to some music.  As a result of that, I converted my old WordPerfect files (saved in forty-two individual chapter files) to four Word files.

And just half an hour ago, she returned while I was playing the piano.  I say “playing the piano”, but what I really mean is “bashing the keys in a frustrated fit of temper that made me extremely glad I always have my headphones plugged in so no-one can hear me”.  Sometimes, my fingers simply refuse to do what they’re told until they’re fully warmed up and it irritates me to the point of wanting to scream in despair.  So there I was, bashing away at a piece of music when I got so mad at myself that I decided to fight the song instead of just playing it.

Two voices immediately sprang to life in my head.

One said: One doesn’t fight music; one embraces it.  One flows with it.  One lets it into one’s soul and...

One wishes one would shut up about this touchy-feely, group-hugging, holistic music-playing nonsense.

The other voice said: No, fighting it is exactly what Jeannie would do.  Do it.  Feel what it’s like.

So I did.  And I won.

Moreover, Jeannie lodged herself so far in the forefront of my imagination that I came back to my computer and actually re-read the prologue.  It’s not bad, either.  I was thinking of posting it here and asking for opinions... but even though it’s not bad, neither is it great.  My beta’s eye can see many a thing wrong with it, such as the fact that it was written before I had fully welcomed the semi-colon into my life.

But, you know, I think I might be able to re-draft this story.  No, really.  I mean it this time.

Sometimes you create stories and characters that take on a life of their own and refuse to be forgotten.  Even when you think you’ve buried them for good, they claw their way back out and demand to be heard again, often at the strangest of times.  Has anyone else experienced that?


Apr. 5th, 2007 01:58 pm
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That Timothy of mine brought up the fact that it’s been well over a week since I last posted here and I discovered I have no real explanation for this.  No explanation, but plenty of excuses.

Perhaps I could blame Bleach for being so addictive that I spent several days simply re-reading it and falling even more in love with it than before.  I’m now equipped with several quite cracktastic theories, too.  And characters I didn’t care for before have suddenly endeared themselves to me without my evening noticing it.  I just have one question: if you haven’t read it yet, what’s stopping you?  Look, I’ll make it easy for you all: go to Bleach Exile and download the first volume.  If you’re not one hundred percent addicted after reading that, there’s no hope for you.  Mind you, there’s no hope for you if you do become addicted... so there’s nothing to lose really, is there?

What else can I blame?  Perhaps the iTunes store - that’s a good one.  I seem to go on little adventures there, leaping from song to song until I find something I like.  And thank goodness you can buy single songs there or I’d be completely destitute my now.  Cursèd addictive thing that it is.

Or I could blame the onset of colder weather, ’cause that’s been making me rather cranky of late.  I don’t remember any sort of transition: one minute, it was warm and Summery, the next, it was cold and miserable.  Although I suppose that’s rather relative when it comes to me.  As far as I’m concerned, “cold” applies to anything below about twenty degrees celsius.  On the up side, the new position of my desk has me sitting right next to one of the central heating vents.  That should keep me nice and warm once the cold weather really sets in.

And tomorrow, I am off to Beechworth for almost four whole days.  Four whole days without the internet...  Don’t do anything too exciting whilst I'm gone. :D
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I need new music.  I look at my iTunes library and I laugh - laugh! - at how unvaried it is.  At how I listen to the same songs over and over again until I tire of them.

The only problem is, I have no idea what sort of music I want to try and quite frankly, the thirty second sample the iTunes music store provides doesn’t help that much.  What if it’s the worst thirty seconds that song has to offer?  Or what if, conversely, it’s the only good bit and the rest is all rubbish?

So I was thinking about it last night (in between reading my flist, checking two messageboards, chatting on msn and collaborating on making icons and sig images...) and I decided that I need recommendations.  I’m really quite tragic when it comes to music.  I grew up with classical and I love it, but I stand on the borders of everything else and don’t know where to start. I need help!

Please, recommend me your favourite song.  It doesn’t matter who sings it or what genre it is.  Don’t worry about second guessing me and working out what you think I’ll like - I don’t even know what I’ll like until I try it.  :P  I need variety; I need to try new things and you’re the people to help me.  Pretty please?

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