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I am sunburnt in interesting ways. Not for me the effortless tan. Oh no. And for some reason, I can't even manage an all-over burn.


Instead, I have funny burnt patches and equally funny unburnt patches. And I was wearing sunscreen, too, so I'm not entirely sure how this burning occurred. Nevertheless, it did and I'm vaguely irritated by it. Not to worry, though; it will all have faded back to my standard scary white by next week.

Today was the day of the swimming carnival at my work and I was one of the photographers. It was quite a fun day, really. And usually the photographer manages to escape most of the photos, but people kept taking my camera away and turning it directly on me. Ack.

Still, I'm sure I looked fetching in my bright red singlet top, not-quite-matching skirt, Coke cap and red cape.

Yes, red cape.

Well hey - I'm in red house, so I might as well support it by dressing strangely. In public. Even my sunburn ensured I was completely co-ordinated with my red outfit. And a bonus, I have sunburn on my feet that follows the pattern of my cute red shoes.

Before I go to find some more aloe vera, I shall leave you all with my fivedotnerds video for this week. Enjoy!

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Is it just me, or is this week going incredibly slooooooooowly?

I still can't believe that yesterday was only Tuesday. It feels like I've done at least six days' worth of work already, so why is it still only Wednesday? Surely it should be some time next week by now.

Also, I just wrote "work of work", instead of "worth of work". Work is working over my work!

And on top of this slowness, I have a complete inability to work (gah, that word again!) out which day it is. I thought Monday was Tuesday. And I thought the fourth was Thursday, when it's actually today. I have no idea how I'm managing to stay organised throughout all of this... but I am! For instance, I already have my vlog recorded, edited and ready to go.

Before I go (back to work), I have a question. Well, it's more of a request for help, really. One of the problems with my writing at the moment is that a major character in my story remains nameless. It's... a slight difficulty. So I was hoping my lovely flist might be able to help me out with some suggestions. He's an old-ish, Winston Churchill-ish type figure and he needs a name. If you could tell me what sort of names you think would fit that type of character, you will earn my eternal gratitude. And I might even eat some double-coat tim tams in your honour.


Additionally, I'd love to know how other writers come up with names for their characters. Do they just come to you, or do you have tips for working out the perfect name?

As for me, I have to return to my long, sloooow week... but I'll be seeing you all tomorrow for Thursnesday and my vlog.
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Well, that was an unsettling couple of hours - for most of yesterday, I didn’t have a paid LJ account.  And for a while, I was quite blasé about it.  Who needs one? I asked myself, although asking yourself rhetorical questions is always fraught with existential concerns.  Am I asking myself a question or not?  And should I ignore myself or what?  I ended up answering the question when I was introduced to the unfortunate reality of six icons.  Which, admittedly, is double what I used to have waaaaay back at the start of my LJing days... but considerably fewer than the 113 that were available to me for 2007.

So I caved in.  Also, I might want to run a random poll or make an ill-advised voice post at some stage in the future, who knows? (Oooh, let’s not forget the fact I can’t make email posts unless I have a paid account... That’s important.)

I would also like the following things to be known:
  • In complete disregard of the Hippocratic oath, [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey is going around killing people.  First Edmund Hilary, now Soeharto... who knows who’ll be in her sights next.

  • If I’d been able to get to a bank last week, I could have been one of the lucky ones with a copy of The Stone Key in my hands.  I’m still not sure how to feel about this book; expectations are low, so it might manage to impress me.

  • My holidays will be over as of 6:30am tomorrow morning.  I’m dragging them out for as long as possible, although I will most likely be sleeping for the greater portion of the time that remains.  I can’t help but feel that this is a great waste of time.  On the other hand, I can’t help but feel that sleeping will definitely aid with wakefulness at work.

  • I am frustrated at myself for not devoting myself whole-heartedly to searching for a new job over the holidays.  Hopefully, the irritation of work will change that attitude.

  • [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog and [livejournal.com profile] emerald85 are making me extremely envious of their adventures in Greece.  But I love their updates and the millions of photos they keep providing, so I shall forgive them with all of my heart.  It’s just wonderful to see them living out a dream.

I would like to finish off this post of randomness with a picture of randomness.  Thus: )
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It was a free-dress day at my work today, which doesn’t usually signify much beyond the fact that the students tend to get a little silly when they’re not in uniform.

Or so I thought.

Apparently, free-dress days increase the likelihood of my being mistaken for a student.  I hadn’t realised this previously, as free-dress days are usually held on Fridays when I’m safely at home, sleeping in and looking forward to my three-day weekend.

It happened thusly: I was on my way over to the staffroom when a teacher came out of another door and effectively blocked my ingress.

“Who are you after?” she asked me.

This resulted in what I'm sure was an amusingly baffled and bewildered expression on my behalf as I vainly searched for a plausible answer to such a bizarre question.  Meanwhile, I was wondering things along the lines of: We’re being interrogated before we’re allowed to enter the staffroom now?

The expression must have confused her a bit, for she went on to ask if I were a student.  Or a student teacher?

“Um, I work in the library.”  And have done for the last one and a half years...

At which point, she came over all embarrassed and finally allowed me to enter the staffroom.

Needless to say, it amused me greatly.  Nothing like a little unexpected flattery to make you feel better.

At least, I think it’s flattery...
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Firstly, an apology and a thank-you to anyone to whom I angsted about my job these past few days.  You’ve helped me more than you could know, just by sitting there and being pushed closer and closer to your boredom threshold by hearing my litany of work-related woes.  I probably make it sound as though I do nothing but sit on the internet at work all day, having fun - but it’s not true.  Well, not any more. :p  And I wouldn’t need to do it at all if I didn’t live in the wrong hemisphere.  At least with Ober.net, the majority of the people are Australian and it was easy to wait until after work to interact with them.  But I’m one of only about three Australians at the Salon and the best time to be online and interacting with people just so happens to be while I’m at work.

But I guess I’ll just have to take what I can and live for my long weekends, where I can have as much fun as I want.

Truly, the lack of distraction now available to me only serves to remind me how tedious and unnispiring this job really is.  Which brings me to the title of this post: I am not my job.  The good Gill mentioned this to me and at the time, I thought that it wasn’t a necessary thing to say.  Surely I wasn’t thinking that?  But it turns out the good almost-doctor knows more about me than I do myself.  By Saturday, I was already becoming miserable about returning to work.  Saturday morning.  With two full days of laziness ahead of me, I was already despondent about Monday.  Luckily, I had plenty to distract me.  For instance, receiving PMs full of exclamation marks and excessive praise certainly goes a long way towards making me feel fantastic about things.

But every now and then, the looming spectre of Monday would pop up and lurk darkly in the background, mocking me with its very existence.

Until I got to Sunday and grew heartily sick of it.  It was at this point that Gill’s words came back to me.  I’m not my job.  I’m much more than my job and I won’t let it ruin my weekends with its stupid lurking and posturing.  So I told it what it could do (and I wasn’t polite at all) and got back to enjoying my weekend.

Mind you, I was just out there in the library ten minutes ago, millimetres away from banging my head against the shelves in bored frustration, but I think I’ll be able to cope.  It’s just what I do so I can have the money to live in a nice house and enjoy my fast internet, right?  And it doesn’t define me or have the right to ruin my fun.

I’d use this time for writing if all the stories in my head weren’t so damned...  Hmm, how do I put that?  “Less than pure”?  There’s no way I’m going to use a work computer to write any of them.
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Some days are just better than others.  And sometimes, you’re lucky enough to be gifted with two of them in a row.  Tuesday and Wednesday were fantastic days for me.  I was finally busy at work for once: something I thought would never, ever happen, short of some hideous disaster occurring, somehow causing everybody to crowd into the library and require our attention.  You can tell I haven’t really thought that one through, can’t you?

Yet, despite these predictions of doom and gloom and a high demand on our information managing services, I still thought I was sentenced to a life of desperately searching for something to work on in order to prevent my brain from stagnating.  And it has finally arrived, in the form of the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge.  Essentially, we have to encourage as many year seven to nine students as possible to take up the challenge so that they can a) learn about the wonders of reading and literacy, b) make the school look good and c) cause a lot of work for us.  But it’s work I don’t mind doing because I feel as though I’m achieving something positive.  It’s a great chance to learn students’ names and to encourage them to read all of my favourite books.  I finally feel as though I’m contributing something to the library and being seen as somebody who knows what they’re going on about when it comes to books.

If that had been the only thing that came out of those two days, I would have considered myself incredibly happy and satisfied.  One shouldn’t expect too much, after all.  But there was more to come.

For days, I’ve been thinking over my Nunnery story, trying to decide at which angle I would have the highest likelihood of taking it unawares.  So far, nothing had presented itself and I was at a bit of a standstill with the whole thing.

Until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, an opening line popped into my head, quite unbidden.  Nunnery already has an opening line, but it’s not a great one.  This one was much better and besides which, it acted like a master key, opening up all those sections of the story that I need to address.  My imagination caught onto the situation and dropped by, offering up plot points and concepts that linked beautifully into existing ones.  Now, as a result of a couple of words, I have a clearly-defined path with lovely sign-posts and pretty alyssum growing beside it, directing me smoothly to a most plendiferous re-write.

All I need to do now is to stay out of the way of Procrastination and get on with doing this final draft.
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After two months of fearing that the rejection email must have been sucked into the endless ether of the internet, I received a reply back about my flash fiction, Child Care.  As far as I can tell, it has been accepted for publication in AntiSF and that's rather cheering news, I must say.  There's no payment for said publication, but that's not the point.  I've finally made a start to my Year of Really Making an Effort to Get Published and it feels good.  I feel inspired to do some more writing and submit it to all the markets that Blindmouse was good enough to suggest to me.

The good news is that tomorrow sees a return to my most boring place of work and I'm hoping to institute a policy of Doing Some Writing Whenever It Gets Boring.  I anticipate that this should see my doing some writing for all of the seven or so hours that I spend there.  Why must work be so damn boring?

And second in a series of questions that are difficult to answer: why did I waste my entire holidays mucking about on the internet and procrastinating instead of getting some writing done?  That's a hard one to answer, because all the solutions to said quandary seem to suggest more than a little silliness on my part.  But I'm not so silly that I can't see that I have to do something about this.  As nice as it is to be surrounded by books, I don't want to spend the rest of my life working in a library.  My ideal workplace would be a lovely sunny study with a giant desk a little like this )

The study would also feature a window with a view just ripe for inspiration and a little bell, with which I could request cups of tea from my Timothy.

If only I could get it into my thick head that I'll never have any of this if I don't start writing seriously.  Of course, there's no guarantee I'll have it even if I do try, but it's better to try than to be stuck in a boring library for the rest of my life.  That's not to say I'm not incredibly grateful for my job.  I am.  It provides us with money for food, rent and other sundry necessitities.  But even though my brain appreciates these things, it finds itself starved of stimulation at work and constantly threatens to go on strike if I don't think of something interesting to do.

But on the up side - I've made a start on my Year of Doing Stuff and if I can't be inspired by that, then there's something wrong with me.

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