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I have been half-inspired by the [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey's WITL. Well, completely inspired, really, but that inspiration comes to a screeching halt when it encounters the wall of effort. Wait, I mean Wall of Effort. It requires capitals, definitely. So: completely inspired in a half-assed sort of way.

It's hard work remembering to take photos. Seriously. And there was a completely awesome opportunity to take a photo of a mostly-disassembled traffic light this morning, which I passed up due mostly to running head-first into the Wall of Effort.

Despite this, I did manage to come up with half a half a dozen photos.


Which is... yeah, it's half-assed.

Anyway, right now I am obsessed with this:

Obsession... )

It's quite an unholy love, really. But seriously - I can get the internet on it. I left a comment on the [livejournal.com profile] bathmat's latest post WITH MY IPOD!

Of course, it's entirely possible I may be getting just the tiniest bit too excited about this... But. But. But. It's gorgeous and shiny and I have it mostly due to the boy's habit of buying the latest iPod and then selling it a few months later. And he was splendid enough to sell it to me this time around. And now I can check out the latest lolcats and fail blogs and download addictive games and generally waste hours and hours of time from the comfort of my own couch!

Also, I believe it can play music. Haven't actually tested that theory yet.

Pickle, of course... )
My cat. Again. Because she's cute and that's exactly how she's curled up right next to me now. Uh, except she now has her face hidden behind her back leg.

Right here, right now )
And this is what it looks like right now in front of me. Mostly, I'm a fan of the completely random map of Australia that appeared on the TV right at the moment of taking the photo. Oh yes, you can tell I live in Australia because I have a map of it on my TV. It's so subtle...

So that's my day in a couple of photos.

And now I have to post this and then attempt to stop my cat from climbing onto my keyboard...
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It's raining.

It's hailing.

I have the central heating on.

And may I just remind everyone that, here in the antipodes, we are currently expecting Summer to be happening out there.  Well, late Spring.  But still.  Where is my sun?  Where is my heat?  Why did I buy all those cute dresses to wear to work if it's going to HAIL??

Ah, so many questions that cannot be answered.

Other questions that cannot really be answered: Where have I been since the third of August?  Well... it can be answered, but it would most likely be full of angst verging on emo, possibly descending into very, very dodgy poetry and ending with a bonus rant about the complete dearth of orange juice and crumpets in the house.  And that all adds up to something completely unsatisfying, so let's skip it and go straight to some random photos instead. )

And in other news, I would like to assure [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey that her identical twin is alive and well and working somewhere at Forest Hill Chase.

Ah, there goes the hail again...
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I am writing to you from my new place of abode, thanks to my mobile internet which works. Although, admittedly, sometimes the software likes to pretend the modem doesn’t exist, forcing me to connect through the network centre... but we get there in the end. And the dear little modem/router that usually deals with our ADSL is very generously giving me local and internet access via the home network, although I have no idea how it’s planning on making good on the internet component of that promise.

Things, in short, are going suspiciously well. Here’s how the tally stands:

Boxes: 0 Me: 1
Furniture: 0 Me: 1
Internet: 0 Me: 1

With no defeats yet suffered, I think I can call that a victory without being premature or anything. The place feels like a home already. Just this morning, I was sitting at the table, eating my breakfast and reading the paper. If that’s not civilised, then I don't know what is. (Yes, I may no longer be living across the road from a supermarket, but I am living around the corner from a milkbar and newsagent, which is almost as good.)

There will be photos. I keep running into hurdles with them at the moment. Firstly, I forgot that I needed to run a virus check on the camera I brought home from work... so that’s not going anywhere near my computer, despite the fact that I took a whole bunch of photos on it. Secondly, I took another set of photos with my own camera... until it ran out of battery. And thirdly, I don’t actually have any graphics programmes on my laptop, so I can’t re-size and fix the photos without first running my old desktop and getting some replacement batteries for the camera.

But the photos will come in time.

Pickle has settled in just as quickly, although she did throw a hissy fit when she discovered the lack of window-sills. The ones in the old house were perfect for a cat to sit on and watch the world outside. Not so with these ones. At present, she’s half on a window-sill and half on the couch. No, I tell a lie, now she's sitting on the frame... which can’t be comfortable at all.

And I’m sure I’ll get used to this strange silence eventually. It’s quite a novelty to be hearing bird sounds instead of six lanes of traffic, including bonus buses.

Oh, and the sound of rain falling on a tin roof takes me right back to my childhood. ’Tis lovely. :D


Nov. 6th, 2007 07:41 pm
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Sometimes, work comes with that most delightful concept known as “perks”.  Not always, of course.  Previously, my perks involved a great long list of nothing much at all.  Now they involve being able to take home the resident Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30 in the name of, uh, learning how to use it so I can instruct staff and students on said use in the future.

*grins like a loon*

It was practically work.

Really it was.

Oh, how arduous and time-consuming it was, working on my long weekend by playing around with... um, I mean, concentrating workfully on this camera with its generous amount of pixels, spectacular zoom and manual focus.  If there’s one thing I’ve dreamed of since owning my first digital camera, it’s manual focus.  And it was lovely to have it, even just for a weekend.

Since my attention was recently alerted to the fact that I have no music-related icons whatsoever, I decided to make that the subject of my photo shoot.  The resulting icon is up there near the title, but here are some left-over shots.  (Oh yes, that would be my lovely new iPod video, that I bought mere weeks before the new ones were released.  I don’t care, though; I still love it dearly.)

(All pics are links to larger images.)
iPod B&W

I like so many things about this shot: the slight graininess, the shadows, the softness of it.  (Never mind the bit where the two pieces of paper join together.)  Bonus points go to the person who used the camera before me and who left it set on black and white.  Thanks so much for that, idiot.  Because when you’re photographing a black iPod on a white background, you don’t really notice that the colour’s been turned off...

iPod Colour

This one I like for the swirling reflections.  Those headphones may be the best headphones ever, it's hard to tell.  I like my music sharp and defined and I like my public transport sounds muted out, and they provide both of those functions.

Pickle is unimpressed

Pickle was incredibly unimpressed by the fact that I was paying more attention to the little black thing than to her.  She was actually asleep on the chair in the lounge room five minutes prior to this photo, as you can tell by her ruffled fur.  I guess some sort of “Egads!  Someone’s ignoring me!  Me!  A cat!” sense must have kicked in, causing her to wake up and demand appropriate attention.

A Flower

And this would be a flower.  I ventured outside after the iPod shoot to have some fun with manual focus and ended up having extra bonus fun with the white balance.  It’s still way too dark in this pic, but it’s better than the auto setting.

I love this camera.  Does anyone think work would mind if I just... kept it safely at home for the next five years or so?
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Because Pickle is gorgeous.  Because I almost forgot I have a camera.  Because she posed in a perfect patch of sunlight.  Because of that, I bring you picspam of the cat kind.

No more photos, please
Sometimes, Pickle just has to escape from the never-ending demands of the camera...

Even prettier pictures are hiding under here! )
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I’m having one of those strange days where I just like typing.  It doesn’t matter what it is - I could be writing the greatest novel even known to humankind or a list of reasons why I shouldn’t stay up long past midnight on a work night - as long as I’m typing something, my brain and fingers are happy.

Actually, now that I think of it, I probably should write that list of reasons why I shouldn’t stay up long past midnight on a work night.  I really do need more than five hours’ sleep, especially if my cursed cat is going to insist on waking me up half an hour before the alarm.  If she wasn’t so damn cute she’d be right out on the streets.  Although I did feel slightly bad when I accidentally kicked her in the head.  I wasn’t trying to!  She was trying to rub on my legs (universal cat-speak for “FEED ME NOW FOR I AM CUTE BUT ALSO STARVING TO DEATH!”) and I was trying to prevent it as I was still sulking over her waking me up at an unearthly hour... and this resulted in my kicking her slightly.  She didn’t mind but then, she was rather focussed on getting some food out of me.  If she had to put up with a small kick to the head to get her breakfast, then so be it.

And then she knocked half of her biscuits onto the floor and refused to pick them up when I told her to.  She’s such a disobedient cat.

In other news, I’ve been trying to get back to my habit of writing a list of tasks to accomplish each day.  The only down-side is I usually end up laughing at said list by the end of the day, amused by my absolute inability to complete even the simplest of tasks.  So far, I’ve failed to: write several emails, write one hundred words, complete a drabble, make a new banner for my LJ and finish beta-ing one chapter.  On the up side, I have written (and read) several rather long PMs, created havoc in the Survivor game I’m running with [livejournal.com profile] linnet_101, made two and a half banners (although NOT for my LJ) and found the time to curse my iriver at length for failing to have a proper shuffle songs function.

I am achieving things; they just happen to be the wrong things.
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Yesterday, I went shopping and actually enjoyed myself.

According to my past experience, this should surely mean that the world is about to end.  Quite soon in fact.

Not once did I experience the urge to mercilessly slaughter those around me.  Not once did I develop a headache simply from stepping into a store.  Not once did I lapse into speaking in sullen monotone.

It’s all a bit disturbing, really.  Mind you, it helped that I was with the Bindi (ye olde sister-in-law) at the time.  She’s a fun person to spend time with, even if she does have a tendency to encourage you to buy everything in which you express the slightest interest.  But I came out of it with a new bag (which is absolutley perfect!  I’d ramble on about it but I’d surely only end up worrying everyone about my obsession with bags...) and a lovely stripy quilt cover set.  Not to mention a European pillow which turns out to be very good for sprawling over whilst reading manga.

Of course, Pickle thinks I bought the pillow for her to sleep upon and promptly set about doing so once I’d finished my reading.

And since the good [livejournal.com profile] linnet_101 happened to mention the other day that I haven’t posted any pictures of Pickle lately, this seems the perfect time to do so.

Here she is, modelling her new “bed” whilst my new stripy quilt cover provides a lovely background.

Pickle's new bed

’Tis the last day of my holidays today, too.  I’m not sure how they managed to fly by so quickly.

For Flit

May. 21st, 2006 08:09 pm
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Well, seeing as the good [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog was generous enough to print up an official retraction of her mockery of my inability to take photographs of teddy bears nailed to gum trees*, I thought I would respond, likewise in photographic form, to let her know how her hand-made fluffy pink rat toy was received by its intended victim, my cat Pickle.

As you can see, she was extremely hesitant about getting her teeth into this new object... for all of two seconds.  She seemed to work out straight away that it was a perfect toy for grabbing with one's teeth and tossing into the air.  Not that I've tried.  But now that I've thought about it, I really want to.

Or not.  After all, the cat has already been playing with it.

Click for a larger image
Pickle gets her teeth into the toy.

Click for a larger image
Testing just how chewy it is...

Click for a larger image
And now, to toss it into the air...

Click for a larger image
And when you're done, toss it into the water dish to make sure it's clean for next play-time.

So I think we can safely conclude that Pickle loves her new present.  She doesn't go to the effort of washing any of her other toys.

In other news, Flickr has advanced itself from beta to gamma.  I wonder if they'll go through the entire Greek alphabet before they're happy with what they're doing.

* See here for more details.
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What is this?

It's finally here!

What could it be?  It couldn't... be our new bed, could it?  It's a little hard to tell when the picture's so small, so perhaps, just to make sure, we should take a look at some more pictures... )


Feb. 5th, 2006 05:38 pm
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Well, it's official.  Ever since I received my uni results, I've lived in a sort of degree-limbo, in which it looked like I now had a BA but I couldn't actually prove it until nameless officials looked over my academic record and decided whether or not it was wise to let me become a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing.  Of course, during this phase I entertained myself with as many doubts as possible, ranging from "What if they don't let me pass because it's almost ten years since I did my first year subjects?" right through the gamut to "What if my application to graduate was stolen by internet demons??"

And once more I proved that all this worrying is going to be bad for my health in the future, because the transcript of officialness arrived on Thursday and it looks like they're going to let me graduate after all.

This is most heartening, as I'm sure you can all imagine.  It might be just a bit of paper with a slightly tacky reflective sticker of officialness, but it means I've finally finished something that's been dogging me for years.  It means I can go on to post graduate study should I wish to do so.  It also means, according to popular belief, that I can now apply for that job at McDonalds that I've been hankering after all this time.  Actually, there's one just down the road from us, so it would really cut down on travelling time.

Now I just have to start panicking that my official bit of graduation paper won't arrive and that they'll call the whole thing off again.

I hereby vow to stop using the word "official" in this post.  I'm getting sick of the sight of it.

In other news, I'm biting my nails to the quick as I watch the progress of Postcards through ye olde magazine slush-pile.  'Tis quite nerve-wracking.  Luckily, I've been able to distract myself with Pickle (of course) and our new toys.  Said toys take the shape of mobile phones and it seemed that all the fates had decided we were to have new ones.  For a start, my Timothy's phone had developed a habit of letting him speak to me for ten seconds before cutting him off mid-sentence.  It made it rather difficult to hold a conversation longer than "Hi!  I..."  It also turned out that our current service provider was merging with its sister company and we were being offered a waiver of our old plan and an upgrade to a new one as part of the deal.  Who could gainsay such signs?  Not us, certainly.  Obedient to the wishes of fate, we went off and picked up our new phones yesterday and have spent the subsequent hours being amazed, bewildered and frustrated by the things.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

In further news, Pickle held an impromptu photo shoot the other day and allowed me to take copious pictures of her looking adorable.  (Right now, she's sitting on top of our old VCR and looking defiantly comfortable...)  Here are the results:

Shy )

A powerful gaze )

My favourite )

Now there's a cat who knows she's beautiful.
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So, I was sitting in my reading chair by the bedroom window just before, you'll be fascinated to know.  It was rather pleasant: just lolling about in my chair, reading my book while the sun warmed my back.  And as I read, the sound of water trickling pleasantly by could be heard outside the window.

This would be fine if we happened to live by a stream or a river.  It would make sense if there was an aqueduct nearby or even if it had been raining heavily.

However, none of these instances happen to apply here.  The reason for the sound of water tinkling by outside is a burst mains somewhere under our footpath that still isn't fixed, despite copious men digging about our yard and rather attractive plumbers turning the water off on me without warning.

Water is a precious commodity.  Here in Melbourne, we have permanent water restrictions in order to conserve as much of the precious substance as possible.  It's a dry country after all and water is rather handy for keeping people alive.  The basic rules of water conservation (according to Yarra Valley Water) involve not watering gardens during the day and not filling spas or pools without a permit.  Another of the rules also mentions paved areas as follows:

  • Paved areas must not be cleaned with water except in exceptional circumstances.
I guess Yarra Valley Water believes that a broken mains constitues an exceptional circumstance, because it's the only way I can explain why the following image has greeted us every day for the last two weeks.*

Click for a larger image

It's not that shallow, either.  In some parts, it's up to an inch deep.  When going to the supermarket or getting into the car, we have to hold up our pants so the cuffs don't get soaked and muddy.  Oh yes, I didn't mention the mud, did I?  That's a legacy of the attractive plumbers.  They had an absolute ball, digging up their holes and shovelling mud onto the driveway with wild abandon.  The motion of the water has ensured that the mud has now spread as far as it possibly can.

The following image is the cause of the lovely trickling sound outside the bedroom window.

Click for a larger image

The picture is a little deceptive - there's more water than you'd imagine there.  Luckily, the next photo gives you an idea of the way the water is simply flowing down our driveway...

Click for a larger image

You only need to glance at the ripples in the water to see how quickly things are moving.  This is the gutter in front of our garage at the end of the driveway... and it's almost full up.  I just can't wait to find out what will happen when the water has nowhere else to go.  It's already seeping into the garage where all our excess boxes of stuff are stored and where my Timothy escapes to practise his darts.  I can tell you from recent experience that rotting carpet does not produce a lovely smell.

Click for a larger image

This is our front yard, with a bonus shadow of my elbow.  Ironically, the real estate agent sent us a letter the other day, asking us to tidy up the front yard a bit.  Maybe I should ask them for a boat in which to do it.

It's all very frustrating and I just can't believe that a company that's supposed to be conserving water is letting so much of it flow down our driveway (not to mention next door's as well).  I'm thinking of sending these images to the council and the local newspaper, to see if we can't speed things up a little bit.

Luckily, Pickle still looks incredibly cute, so that makes things a little better.

Click for a larger image

* Obviously, it doesn't greet us from this angle (unless I'm trying to imply our bedroom is on the footpath) but you get the idea...

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