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It's writing week at fivedotnerds! Again! I have no idea how it manages to roll around so quickly. How can three weeks pass by without my noticing them? It doesn't seem right.

It is also:
  1. The last day of term

  2. Practically the first day of my holidays

  3. A dress-up day at work, therefore I am dressed up

  4. Only a week until I'm in Sydney with LOOOOOOOOONS!!

More on that later. For now, please accept this video with numerous, vaguely-entertaining background noises, as well as my thoughts on world-building:

When it comes to world-building, I suffer from a sense of mis-placed achievement. If I were to sit there and map out the world and write pieces about the history and the culture, then my brain would decide that this is it. Hooray! We have done the work and the work is good.

Pity it's not a story, but you can't have everything. Or so they say.

Damn them.

Tell me all about your world-building. Or when you think it goes over-board. Or doesn't go far enough. You can throw in your plans for world-domination, if you wish - provided it's your own world you plan to dominate and not this one.
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Happy new year to everyone! Quite frankly, 2008 was a little bit too sucky for my liking so I have great hopes for 2009. So far, it has gone thusly:
  • Celebrated.

  • Woke up at 7:30am due to cat. When staggering about, mostly asleep, to feed said cat, noticed that there was sunshine and blue sky outside and thought, Huzzah! 2009 is going to be lovely.

  • Slept in ever such a tiny bit and woke up to grey clouds and rain.

  • Ranted a bit about the weather. In my head, anyway. No-one ever really listens and it doesn't exactly achieve anything.

  • Ate breakfast at 2pm.

  • Panicked a wee about the prospect of vlogging AS EARLY AS NEXT WEEK HELP.

  • Failed to come to a consensus on whether antiwpa.dll is malware or not. Also failed to understand why it's on my computer, considering I have an official Windows sticker and an official Windows authentication code and official Windows installation CDs...

  • Twittered. Actually, all I did was sign up a Twitter account, but it's close enough

And then I wrote a list, apparently. Is anyone else out there Twittering? Let me know so I can stalk you in 140 words or fewer. Strangely, I'm Katiefoolery there.

The first of January also marks the start of [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout and I'm off to a slow start so far with my grand word count of zero. However, there are still some, oh, six and a half hours left of today and I'm sure I can manage a good thousand or so words by the time that's passed.

How's the new year going for everybody else?
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And the promised pictures arrive!  We won't mention the fact that I had intended for them to arrive on Friday, for it is irrelevant.  Never mind my half-serious resolution to keep updating at least every Friday.

Not relevant, I say.

Anyway, without any further pointless rambling on my part, I would like to introduce you all to my new house.  Previous, standard, boring-type photos as taken by the agents can be found here.  I, however, am going the route of the slightly arty photograph.  In doing so, I run the risk of actually presenting the world with slightly pretentious and stupid photographs instead, but I'm hoping for the best.

Let's start outside, shall we? )

So there you have it: my new place of residence which I currently adore.
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I am writing to you from my new place of abode, thanks to my mobile internet which works. Although, admittedly, sometimes the software likes to pretend the modem doesn’t exist, forcing me to connect through the network centre... but we get there in the end. And the dear little modem/router that usually deals with our ADSL is very generously giving me local and internet access via the home network, although I have no idea how it’s planning on making good on the internet component of that promise.

Things, in short, are going suspiciously well. Here’s how the tally stands:

Boxes: 0 Me: 1
Furniture: 0 Me: 1
Internet: 0 Me: 1

With no defeats yet suffered, I think I can call that a victory without being premature or anything. The place feels like a home already. Just this morning, I was sitting at the table, eating my breakfast and reading the paper. If that’s not civilised, then I don't know what is. (Yes, I may no longer be living across the road from a supermarket, but I am living around the corner from a milkbar and newsagent, which is almost as good.)

There will be photos. I keep running into hurdles with them at the moment. Firstly, I forgot that I needed to run a virus check on the camera I brought home from work... so that’s not going anywhere near my computer, despite the fact that I took a whole bunch of photos on it. Secondly, I took another set of photos with my own camera... until it ran out of battery. And thirdly, I don’t actually have any graphics programmes on my laptop, so I can’t re-size and fix the photos without first running my old desktop and getting some replacement batteries for the camera.

But the photos will come in time.

Pickle has settled in just as quickly, although she did throw a hissy fit when she discovered the lack of window-sills. The ones in the old house were perfect for a cat to sit on and watch the world outside. Not so with these ones. At present, she’s half on a window-sill and half on the couch. No, I tell a lie, now she's sitting on the frame... which can’t be comfortable at all.

And I’m sure I’ll get used to this strange silence eventually. It’s quite a novelty to be hearing bird sounds instead of six lanes of traffic, including bonus buses.

Oh, and the sound of rain falling on a tin roof takes me right back to my childhood. ’Tis lovely. :D
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First, before I get to the true point of this post, I would like to glare meaningfully at Vista.

*does so*

I do not like its overwhelming need to cache fail. Yes, you did decide to take away my wireless internet access for five minutes (for no good reason, I'd like to add). Yes, I was logged into msn at the time. But hey, the internet came back, so you can stop living in the past and LET ME LOG BACK IN.

Now that this unpleasantness is behind us, let's move on.

As promised, I abandoned the world of the internet for Canberra from the twenty-ninth of December until the fourth of January. 'Twas splendid. I met [livejournal.com profile] rigel_7 and [livejournal.com profile] emerald85 at Melbourne airport at an insanely early hour of the morning. After very little sleep, I might add. The bad thing about constantly staying up 'til one and two am is that it can be difficult to feel sleepy at midnight... even when you know you should really get more than five hours' sleep before going away.

And we were away on a jet plane to Canberra, where we were met by Dr. [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey and got to play tetris with our luggage and her car boot again. Splendid fun! We headed off to ambush [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog at her work and then meet [livejournal.com profile] the_kaytinator and [livejournal.com profile] bathmat for pancakes at Pancake Parlour. To which restaurant we are apparently not to return, according to the good [livejournal.com profile] bathmat. And rightly so, too, considering they simultaneously put up their prices and reduced their serving sizes.

But huzzah, for the LorFers were together again for the first time in a year! Much fun was had, along with many card games and so much cheating. So very much. You'd think [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog would learn, but no. We could deal her as many cards as we liked for uno and she would never count them.

Flit: *fanning out cards* How many cards are we meant to have?
Me: *looking completely innocent, despite having dealt at least eleven cards to the Flitness* How many do you have?
Rigel: *attempting to stifle laughter*


Flit: *fans out eleven cards again, completely oblivious*

We quickly learnt never to leave the room whilst cards were being dealt, lest you end up with all of your good cards mysterioulsy kidnapped, leaving you with a hand full of rubbish.

Here, have some photographic proof that I was in Canberra:
LorFers in Canberra

That would be me in the bright pink, for some reason. I'm well and truly over my pink phase... and yet I'm still wearing the cursed colour. Only the one time, I swear!

(There's a [livejournal.com profile] rigel_7 in black next to me and in the front are [livejournal.com profile] emerald85, [livejournal.com profile] the_kaytinator, [livejournal.com profile] bathmat and [livejournal.com profile] flippfrog.)

ETA: Further proof! This one comes with a bonus parliament house in the background, just to prove it really was Canberra.

Many of us boarded the failboat in Canberra. Barely ten minutes would go by without a chorus of "FAILBOAT!" being directed at an unfortunate one of us. Often accompanied by singing. Actually, a great deal of things are accompanied by singing when we're together.

The main reason we were there was for the new years eve party, of course, since [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog and [livejournal.com profile] emerald85 are insisting on leaving us in the belief that Europe will be more interesting than hanging around here. Poor, deluded ones. And the good [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey is off to be a doctor in the middle of nowhere on top of that... so we had to say goodbye to them. It was a splendid party, accompanied by sneezing dogs and lots of beetles.

Random scene:
All: Waaah, it's only ten o' clock!
All LorFers except the good doctor: *dance like loons*
Em: *squishes a beetle while in bare feet*
All: *continue to dance like loons... whilst keeping a look-out for beetles*
Five minutes: *pass*
Time: *is now half past eleven*
Me: Well that went too quickly.

And the seven days went just as quickly. It seemed like we'd only just arrived and all of a sudden we were packing up and [livejournal.com profile] rigel_7 was kneeling bodily on her suitcase to squish it shut again. Fun was had by all, many museums and interesting places were visited and far too much time was spent crawling in and out of [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey's adorable little car. You couldn't ask for more, really.
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It’s December.  Does someone want to explain how that happened?  Last time I looked, it was October.  November appears to have passed in some kind of crazy, magazine-induced blur.  One minute, Spring’s just starting, hayfever is kicking in and the end of the school year seems to be several centuries away.  Then...


...there’s no time left to do anything and the shops have started playing Christmas music, for some inexplicable reason.

Couldn’t be because it’s almost Christmas, could it?

Things have happened in the meantime, though.  We finally got the school magazine finished; all it took was some insane hours of work and a slightly elastic deadline.  And if anyone needs an A4-sized page of coloured photos seamlessly merged into a montage, then look no further.  I have a technique so finely-honed it could lop your fingers off if you got too close.

In more mundane news, I got a new photo for my licence that actually looks somewhat decent.  This freakish occurrance is nicely balanced out by the utterly hideous passport photos I had to have taken for the WWC check.  Honestly, they’re almost nauseating.  I don't really have a forehead that large, do I?  Or no hair at all?


And in happier news, I have a new laptop!  And I love it!  Even if it is another Compaq.  I swore I’d never purchase another one as long as I lived... but it was so pretteh and affordable.  And the keyboard is ridiculously superior to the one on my old laptop.  I can type without feeling as though I’m going to punch through to the mysterious inner workings.  This is considered a bonus in my view.

It’s running on Vista, though.  I think I can live with this.

The best bit of all is that this one actually talks to the network.  This is a noticeable improvement over my old laptop, although that did talk to the network initially.  Then they had a fight and stopped talking to each other.  Then made it up for a while.  Then cut off communications entirely.  Gods know what they were saying to each other while all of this was going on.

*makes note to try and stop bumping the touch-pad in the middle of typing*

That’s on the verge of becoming annoying.

And now I must run off and arrange to get my music onto this thing.  Then it’ll start feeling a lot more like home.
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15 Minute Fic: creativity in a hurry

The original [livejournal.com profile] 15minuteficlets community will be closing in May and the maintainers will not be handing it over to anyone once they’re done.  However, they did encourage other people to start anew... and that’s just what I’m doing, with the help of the good [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey.  We’ll be posting our first prompt word at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic on Monday and making an effort to get into a good weekly habit.  I just love the concept of the fifteen minute ficlet too much to let it die.

Please feel free to join up and join in.  It’s great fun, whether you’ve been writing for years or have just toyed with the idea of jotting a story down.  You never know what you’ll discover about yourself.

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Merry Christmas!

I wish you...
     last-minute wrapping
          and staying up late
               and carols until midnight

I wish you...
     early mornings
          and smiles
               and shouts of delight

I wish you...
     scraps of wrapping paper
          and curls of ribbon
               and chaos under the Christmas tree

I wish you...
     no batteries
          but no worries
               and no cares

I wish you...
          and mischief
               and bad jokes in your Christmas cracker

I wish you...
          and food
               and falling asleep in the afternoon

I wish you...
     a Merry Christmas
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Sometimes, you have days you really wish you could return to wherever they actually came from.  Days where it’s sunny and clear, right up until you have to leave to catch the bus... when it decides to pour down.  Days when nothing goes right and every decision you make is the wrong one.

Days when people keep talking to you when you’d clearly rather be stabbing their eyes out with a fork.

And sometimes you have days that are the total opposite; where every hour seems to bring another good thing your way.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.  It was full of little things that made me happy and I when I finally went to bed last night, I was soppily grateful that so many small things had ganged up and bullied me into having such a marvellous day.

It actually started on Thursday night, when I switched to a green-themed layout.  Green, for some reason, has been hanging around of late, appealing to me greatly.  I lay the blame for this squarely at the feet of [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog (she knows why).  Feeling graphically inspired, I made a new icon which seemed to fit with the new layout and I ended the day feeling bizarrely satisfied.

Then came the first day of my five day weekend, which I may have mentioned in a very restrained manner a few days ago.  First good thing of the day: an msn conversation with a friend to whom I had sent a critique, thanking me for said critique and re-assuring me that I hadn’t been as harsh as I’d thought.

Second good thing of the day: receiving three expressions of love for my new icon.  I love it when people enjoy the things I make.  Warm glowy feelings abounded.

Third good thing: heading to DA and receiving a free week-long trial subscription.  I’d heard that they went around but I didn’t think one would head my way so soon.  It’s very shiny indeed.

Fourth good thing: putting together a banner that went exactly the way I wanted to.  This resulted in a short email exchange that made me laugh out loud and then caused me to accidentally start writing something.  I must do some more of that tonight.

Fifth good thing: finding that someone had written a lovely anonymous comment about me on an amazing project run by the good [livejournal.com profile] blackswans.  It was the perfect way to end a day full of ridiculous amounts of warm fuzzy feelings.

Sometimes, it’s too easy to come to LJ to complain and procrastinate, so today I thought I’d come here and celebrate the good things instead. :D


Oct. 23rd, 2006 05:22 pm
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I had a good time writing something today.  Now, I know that sounds like a very simple thing to say, but over the past couple of months, I've come to think I might be more likely to say Oh, what a lovely orange sky! or Gosh those year nine students are well-behaved than Wow, I had a good time writing today.

But that just goes to show you that sometimes, I know next to nothing about stuff.

This incredible breakthrough occurred when I sat down for my morning tea break to write some LorF.  It wasn’t a wonderful experience right from the start, I’ll be honest.  For the first couple of paragraphs, I felt as though I were stomping around the story in heavy boots, threatening it into submission.  But then I hit the good stuff and it mostly flowed and...  eeee!  I enjoyed myself while writing for the first time in ages!  Even when it was difficult, I didn’t mind too much.

And now I’m inspired to do more.  Which is lucky, because I just happen to have other things I want to write.  Jane is poking me about something, although I’m not sure what.  Mack, from my fey story, wants to express his undying (and unrequited) love to Lùgh, despite the fact I don’t that will ever happen in the story I intend to write.  No, indeed - I plan for him to suffer in silence!  So it looks like I’ll actually be writing fanfic for a story I haven’t yet written...  Mack might be quiet, but he can be very insistent when he wants; somewhat akin to a river wearing away at a rock.  I tell him he’s only going to get hurt, but he won’t listen.  Stubborn damn imaginary characters.

Before I go, here’s one for the LorFers.  I’d just finished writing the first part of my latest episode, when I had to get back to work re-sizing some images for the school magazine.  What do I see in the background of the very first image I opened up?  Why, only this... )

And now, I shall go back to enjoying some more writing.
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What is this?

It's finally here!

What could it be?  It couldn't... be our new bed, could it?  It's a little hard to tell when the picture's so small, so perhaps, just to make sure, we should take a look at some more pictures... )
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This afternoon, I received a notice that a parcel was awaiting collection at the post office and I knew it could only be one thing: at long last, my testamur had arrived!  I had twelve minutes to walk down to the post office and pick it up, so with a sigh of relief at the lack of rain, off I went.  Ten minutes later, the official piece of paper, declaring me to have "fulfilled all obligations and prescribed conditions" of my Bachelor of Arts, was in my hands.

I must admit, it's a very boring-looking piece of paper, but it is the real thing.  It's such a relief to have it in my hands at last!

Here I am, modelling the most expensive piece of paper I'll ever own...

It's official!
(click for a larger version)


Feb. 5th, 2006 05:38 pm
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Well, it's official.  Ever since I received my uni results, I've lived in a sort of degree-limbo, in which it looked like I now had a BA but I couldn't actually prove it until nameless officials looked over my academic record and decided whether or not it was wise to let me become a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing.  Of course, during this phase I entertained myself with as many doubts as possible, ranging from "What if they don't let me pass because it's almost ten years since I did my first year subjects?" right through the gamut to "What if my application to graduate was stolen by internet demons??"

And once more I proved that all this worrying is going to be bad for my health in the future, because the transcript of officialness arrived on Thursday and it looks like they're going to let me graduate after all.

This is most heartening, as I'm sure you can all imagine.  It might be just a bit of paper with a slightly tacky reflective sticker of officialness, but it means I've finally finished something that's been dogging me for years.  It means I can go on to post graduate study should I wish to do so.  It also means, according to popular belief, that I can now apply for that job at McDonalds that I've been hankering after all this time.  Actually, there's one just down the road from us, so it would really cut down on travelling time.

Now I just have to start panicking that my official bit of graduation paper won't arrive and that they'll call the whole thing off again.

I hereby vow to stop using the word "official" in this post.  I'm getting sick of the sight of it.

In other news, I'm biting my nails to the quick as I watch the progress of Postcards through ye olde magazine slush-pile.  'Tis quite nerve-wracking.  Luckily, I've been able to distract myself with Pickle (of course) and our new toys.  Said toys take the shape of mobile phones and it seemed that all the fates had decided we were to have new ones.  For a start, my Timothy's phone had developed a habit of letting him speak to me for ten seconds before cutting him off mid-sentence.  It made it rather difficult to hold a conversation longer than "Hi!  I..."  It also turned out that our current service provider was merging with its sister company and we were being offered a waiver of our old plan and an upgrade to a new one as part of the deal.  Who could gainsay such signs?  Not us, certainly.  Obedient to the wishes of fate, we went off and picked up our new phones yesterday and have spent the subsequent hours being amazed, bewildered and frustrated by the things.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

In further news, Pickle held an impromptu photo shoot the other day and allowed me to take copious pictures of her looking adorable.  (Right now, she's sitting on top of our old VCR and looking defiantly comfortable...)  Here are the results:

Shy )

A powerful gaze )

My favourite )

Now there's a cat who knows she's beautiful.

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