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In other news, I've finished uploading stuff to my website, so it's probably time to declare it officially open. Please insert the fanfare of your choice, accompanied by a long and/or inspiring speech on the subject of antelopes/bottled water/other (please circle).

Katiefoolery is open for business

Any feedback would be much appreciated. What do you think about the design or the colours? Is the font easy enough to read?

And if anyone finds any of those dreaded typos that I'm sure I've missed, please let me know. I'm rather keen to fix that sort of thing.

While we're here, what else do you think I should include? I'm working on adding a links page at the moment, so I'm open to suggestions for anything you think might improve the site.

Above all: enjoy!
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Bah bah bah!  Why did I spent all my valuable working hours writing blurbs and descriptions for my stories if I was going to forget to email them home so I could start uploading them to my website?  I really don't know the answer to that one.  It's just stupid.  And annoying.  More to the point, this means I can't make any progress on the site until Monday afternoon.


Ah well, I suppose it means I can do some more fiddling around with making my own template on WordPress.  And I do have my bio and writing CV here, so I suppose I could upload those.

It's just frustrating.

While we're on things that are annoying me, I want to rant about the stupid kid and his dad at the supermarket the other day.  I was behind the dad in the queue and he'd just finished paying for his groceries when his son joined the line with a bottle of drink that he wanted to buy.  I thought I'd be nice, so I stood aside and said to the kid: "You go next."

Well.  He just gave me a weird, ungrateful look and went right ahead.  I was bewildered.  There wasn't even an attempt at a muttered "thanks".  Even worse was his dad, who said absolutely nothing to his ungrateful wretch of a boy.  He just stood there, unconcerned, while his son was rude and sullen to someone who'd just done something nice to him.  I couldn't believe it.  No wonder half the kids I deal with in the library are nasty little brats if this is how their parents are bringing them up.

I still can't get over that dad.  If it had been my dad... well, for starters, I would have said thank-you without being prompted.  And if I hadn't, my dad would have made sure I did.  Loudly.  And gratefully.  I thought we were supposed to ask what's wrong with the youth of today.  Now it appears we have to ask: "What's wrong with the parents of youth today?"

Is this all part of the "me!" culture that we seem to be developing?  You don't thank people who do nice things for you because of course they're going to do it.  It's for me after all, isn't it?  Everyone should do stuff for me, because I'm great.  Of course I should go ahead of you in the queue, because I'm me.  Of course I should shove my way to the front of the bus line, ahead of the people who already have tickets ready to go, to hold everyone up while I buy mine... because I'm me.  Of course I should expect you to get out of my way, because I'm me.

My parents brought me up to consider other people and not to be selfish.  But I have to tell you, I'm sorely tempted to ignore all of this when people behave so rudely to complete strangers.
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Have been stolen by website.

Have gone from simple text banner to a mock-up of the layout I'm now working on.

Have installed WordPress and am fooling around with it.

Have walked across the road, marvelling at the fact that I have a proper webiste with a proper .com bit and no GeoCities ads on it.  (The walking across the road is not relevant to anything, except to illustrate that I am spending a great deal of time, perhaps too much time, thinking about website.)

Have been inspired to write, so that I can justify claiming to be an aspiring writer on website.

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I'm waiting for my website to turn up as I write.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be a terribly polite website, as it hasn't phoned ahead and told me when to expect it or marked a train timetable so I know when to pick it up.  Instead, I'm imagining it dragging its feet down some street out there, looking disgruntled and muttering about being woken up without warning when it was having the nicest dream.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'd prefer it if it was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, making sure it was looking presentable enough before it summoned up the courage to knock on my door and introduce itself.

Either way, it's not here yet and nothing major will change when it arrives, because I haven't actually designed it yet.  It'll just be sitting there, all naked and shivering, waiting for me to cover it in pretty graphics and witty text.  Well, that's the plan, at least.

It's been a while since I had a website and even then, it was only a GeoCities one.  I used to love GeoCities - until I started using Firefox and saw what they did to my lovely, validated code.  At this stage in the Saga of Katie's Website, I decided to relocate to LiveJournal and to that end, I started storing my story excerpts here and pointing people in this direction in messageboard and email signatures.  At this point, I feel it's time to establish a place on the web once more, now that I'm actually trying to get my stories published.

(Ooh!  For a minute there, my website turned up!  Then it must have had to go and urgently powder its nose, for it vanished.  I'm sure it'll be back.  It left its drink here...)

So, as I was saying: if I'm trying to be a professional, published-type writer, then I think I need a place on the web to assist me along the way.  I could blather on about it more, but I think I've said it all there, really.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to sitting in my armchair, looking at the clock in a meaningful manner.

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