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I really am.  But I’m also writing this entry.  Huzzah for multi-tasking!

Or prevaricating.


Today, I wish to discuss writing, with reference to a particular story.  Last year, I started a serial called Holly Hughes.  If you follow that link, you’ll find it’s that most rare of serials: the serial with only one instalment.  Some might even say that renders it ineligible for the classification "serial"... and they’d be right.  I had great plans to update the story regularly and they all fell through, no doubt having a great time with all of those other, lost good intentions of mine who are living it up somewhere with plenty of company.

Over a year went by without any noticable updates at all until I received a review for the story last week.  This was beneficial in many ways, firstly because it reminded me the story actually existed.  Secondly because it reminded me that I quite liked the story and it could be fun to continue with it.  The only down side is that I appear to have forgotten a great deal of the plans I had for it.  Oh, I have notes.  Indeed I do.  I have a lovely list of characters, with some suggested scenes for the story in which they appear.  These notes comprise a grand two pages... if I change my page layout from A4 to letter.  I was positive I had more than that, but alas, it’s not the case.  (Or maybe I did and they ran off to party with all of my lost good intentions...)

So instead of the sheafs of helpful notes and future scenes I anticipated uncovering, I have a bare handful of notes written in an imaginative sort of creative short-hand that I foolishly expected myself to understand over a year later.

My favourite of these cryptic and terribly unhelpful notes would have to be this one:
An unholy army marches by, under Holly’s gaze.  (Themesong: Warriors from Lord of the Dance.)

Because, yes, I can definitely see an unholy army marching by to that song... but why the hell is there an unholy army in the story in the first place?  And why would Holly be watching said unholy army, marching by complete with unlikely musical accompaniment?

It was at this point that I began to suspect I'd be making up a lot of this story all over again.

I want to, though - I really want to.  Most of 2007 was spent in editing or in scrawling nonsense stories in a notebook; it'd be lovely to just sit down and write again.  I didn't mind that at all - I love editing and the nonsense stories were fun to write.  Yet it feels as though I've been away from any serious writing for a long time.  And Holly Hughes would be a great way to get back into that.  The main character has a lot of promise and there's a balance of humour and seriousness in the narrative that I quite enjoy.  The fact that the vast majority of my notes consists of a list of characters is encouraging, too.  Usually, my stories are very plot-driven; a story driven by characters would make a lovely change.  And they're such fascinating characters, too!  I can't wait to have a chance to write them.

I probably won't have much of a chance until after the fourth of January, though, because I'll be too busy having the time of my life with my fellow LorFers as of tomorrow morning!  If I were to say I were looking forward to this with a moderate amount of interest, then I'd be lying through my teeth.  I CANNOT WAIT!

*counts down the hours*

Before I go, I'd like to wish everyone a fantastic new year.  I hope 2008 is good to us all.
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Well, two weeks have passed, so it must be time for my update.  I really have to get around to updating more regularly.  And by “regularly” I mean “every couple of days” obviously, rather than “every fortnight”...  Because while that’s regular, it’s not exactly prolific.

Luckily, you were saved from a post of relentless angst by the following characters:

Always being watched...

They arrived on my doorstep this morning in a rather innocuous looking parcel.  Said innocuous looking parcel was filled, filled I say, with an absolutely insane amount of wrapping paper.  I was surrounded by the stuff by the time I’d finished unwrapping everything; sitting there, drowning in a sea of green paper.  And the people to blame are the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey and [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog.

*hugs them both*

I absolutely love the expressions on their faces.  Ichigo looks quite crazed - not the sort of look you really want to see on someone in charge of a rather large, sharp-edged object.  And Rukia looks a little disgruntled, but I imagine that’s mostly because I put her in between Urahara and Kon.  I don’t know what I was thinking there.

And as an extra bonus, you get to see the top of my amazing-but-only-cost-seven-dollars keyboard (best keyboard ever - I’m never letting it go) and half of Sideshow Bob’s sardonic face.  Also, a manicure kit... because you need one right by the computer, don't you?

So yes - I was going to be angsty today, but I decided to be grateful for the amazing friends I have instead.
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I keep finding reasons to like Winter.

This is rather disturbing.

I Do Not Like Winter.  It is cold and miserable and I spend all of my time dreaming of Summer and of not wearing a million layers of clothing or having to cope with one’s stupid umbrella breaking in the stupid wind when one needs it for protection against the stupid rain.

But, on the other hand...

In Winter, I get to wear gloves and that means I don’t have to touch metal door-handles or poles on the bus with my bare skin.  This is quite a boon for someone who can’t stand the feel of metal.

In Winter, I get to wear lovely warm coats, such as the wool and cashmere one I bought for my birthday.  It’s incredibly warm and, as an added bonus, it makes me look ridiculously slim.  (As an added added bonus, I got five dollars off the price because one of the buttons was missing and later found said button in one of the pockets.)

Oh, and in Winter, I get to wear boots.  Oh, the boots.  I have such a problem there.  I won’t go into that any further.

As if this sudden gratitude for cold weather wasn’t bad enough, it took a turn for the worse the other day.  I’d just been on a trip to the supermarket across the road in the freezing cold winds of icy doom and I stepped back inside.  My normal reaction upon doing this is to run up to the door behind which the central heating unit resides and shower it with mushy praise and protestations of undying love.  The other day?  I stepped inside and thought: Hmm... it’s a bit too warm in here.


Despite this sudden rather worrying... fondness for cold weather, I still managed to enjoy my birthday.  It was helped along by some amazing people and their equally amazing generosity.  My evil twin, [livejournal.com profile] the_kaytinator, sent me a delightful parcel of goodies (the scarf is so warm); [livejournal.com profile] etherealdeva and [livejournal.com profile] charliemc gave me birthday vgifts; and [livejournal.com profile] linnet_101 was very understanding when I accidentally responded to her birthday sms with a single asterisk.  And so many other people did lovely things for me and I’m so grateful for it.  Thank you all. :D


Dec. 22nd, 2006 03:41 pm
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The year has a strange way of passing.  It starts off in the midst of summer heat, each day miserably following the other as we languish in the heat and bemoan the lack of air-conditioning.

Then work starts again.  The less said about that the better.

Then, if you’re really lucky, your capital city will decide to host the Commonwealth Games and force the education department into running a six week first term.  This of course has the wonderful flow-on effect of rendering all subsequent terms much longer than normal.  The twelve week one was my favourite.  I was sort of groping about desperately towards the end of that, wondering what we’d done to deserve such punishment.

And - oh - public-holiday-free term three.  Always a delight.

When term four arrives, fatalism sets in.  The year nine students get worse.  The year eight students start practising for their own turn as year nines.  Everyone suddenly discovers things that need doing right now.  Work builds up.  New textbooks must be processed yesterday.  Non-existent ones must be brought into existence for teachers who missed out.

Then, suddenly, it’s the last week and the students are all but gone.  Bells no longer ring and I’m never quite sure when to break for lunch.  I actually wake up with a smile on my face in the morning, because this is the last week, third-last day, second-last day LAST DAY OF WORK FOR THE YEAR!

The sense of freedom when I walked out of work yesterday was almost palpable.  No more work for five weeks!  Internet whenever I want!  FREEDOM!

And I know I probably say this every year, but I’m not going to waste these holidays.  No, really I’m not.

But for now, I think it’s time to relax.


Nov. 29th, 2006 09:10 pm
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Ah, I’m such a useless blogger of late.  Where are the vindictive rants against the idiots in society on the bus?  Where are the posts where I whinge about work?

Gods, apart from a passing reference to a semi-colon the other day, I've hardly even mentioned grammar or the abuse thereof.

It’s a sad, sad thing that being happy and having fun simply doesn’t make for entertaining LJ entries.  Luckily, I think I can live with that.  I can’t even complain about LJ's being blocked at work, because it’s sent me running towards the welcoming embrace of messageboards.  I used to avoid them, because they really ate up my download limit (on top of LJ, that is) but now there’s no LJ, I’m free to cavort about on messageboards and behave like a loon.

And it’s so much fun.

So, I could sit here and ramble on about the fun I’m having and the amazing people I’m meeting but it would only end up sending people to sleep.  Instead, I shall just pop an enthusiastic Huzzah! right here and continue on my merry way.

Oh yes - and I still have to write those two thousand words but I swear, I’ll do it tomorrow!  (Ah, the procrasinator’s creed...)
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I’m not going to put my ficlet up this week because gah.  Yes, gah.  When I think about it, the only response my brain can come up with is the wonderfully pointless gah.

I don’t know why I hate it so much, although I have been thinking about it.  Perhaps it’s because it was trying so hard to fit in with the other two ficlets based on the same characters (for ’twas another Rena story).  Or maybe it’s just that Rena and Nevin were being very boring and stupidly cryptic in their dialogue.  But I won’t complain too much, for ’tis another five hundred and fifty words towards my November word count which, may I just add, is already the highest monthly word count for the entire year.

I’m sort-of doing NaNo, although I’m not aiming for fifty thousand words and neither am I devoting myself to writing one story exclusively.  Instead, I’m aiming for a word-count of ten thousand by the time the month is over (at least ten thousand, that is.  I’ll accept more than ten thousand with pleasure...) and putting my word-count towards keeping Melbourne ahead of all the other Australian capital cities.  And it’s working!  Melbourne, quite simply, rocks.

In other writing news, I managed to write an entire LorF episode the other night while my Timothy-of-the-heads was sitting more or less next to me, playing his nerd game.  I guess I must have been in an “obsessively absorbed by what I’m writing” mood as opposed to my more normal “Ack I can’t write because he’s right next to me WATCHING MY EVERY WORD!” mood.  It was a fun piece to write, though.  Lots of dialogue and playing around with words and hinting at things to frustrate all the other LorFers...  Yes, a great deal of fun indeed.

Here is where I express my newly-rediscovered joy of writing.  Yes, right here:

Ironically, though, I don’t think I’m actually capable of expressing how delighted I am by this.  Gone is the self-doubt and reluctance and negative-attitude towards writing that was gifted to me by university.  I can’t quite grasp that, really.  I never thought it would go... but it has.  I’ve finally crawled my way out of the writing funk that has plagued me since uni and I can now dance about the house, grinning like a loon because I have stories in my head and I really want to write them.  And I mean, I really want to write them.  Not some time next week.  Not once I see that pig flying past the window.  NOW. Right now.

I take my stories to work; I write in between cataloguing and yelling at printers; I scribble notes on the bus; I... ooh, look!  I just used a whole bunch of semi-colons without thinking about it! That’s a punctuation break-through for me.

Er, but back to the point.  I love writing again.  I can say it without secretly suspecting myself of lying.  It’s all very, very good indeed.
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Sometimes, you have days you really wish you could return to wherever they actually came from.  Days where it’s sunny and clear, right up until you have to leave to catch the bus... when it decides to pour down.  Days when nothing goes right and every decision you make is the wrong one.

Days when people keep talking to you when you’d clearly rather be stabbing their eyes out with a fork.

And sometimes you have days that are the total opposite; where every hour seems to bring another good thing your way.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.  It was full of little things that made me happy and I when I finally went to bed last night, I was soppily grateful that so many small things had ganged up and bullied me into having such a marvellous day.

It actually started on Thursday night, when I switched to a green-themed layout.  Green, for some reason, has been hanging around of late, appealing to me greatly.  I lay the blame for this squarely at the feet of [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog (she knows why).  Feeling graphically inspired, I made a new icon which seemed to fit with the new layout and I ended the day feeling bizarrely satisfied.

Then came the first day of my five day weekend, which I may have mentioned in a very restrained manner a few days ago.  First good thing of the day: an msn conversation with a friend to whom I had sent a critique, thanking me for said critique and re-assuring me that I hadn’t been as harsh as I’d thought.

Second good thing of the day: receiving three expressions of love for my new icon.  I love it when people enjoy the things I make.  Warm glowy feelings abounded.

Third good thing: heading to DA and receiving a free week-long trial subscription.  I’d heard that they went around but I didn’t think one would head my way so soon.  It’s very shiny indeed.

Fourth good thing: putting together a banner that went exactly the way I wanted to.  This resulted in a short email exchange that made me laugh out loud and then caused me to accidentally start writing something.  I must do some more of that tonight.

Fifth good thing: finding that someone had written a lovely anonymous comment about me on an amazing project run by the good [livejournal.com profile] blackswans.  It was the perfect way to end a day full of ridiculous amounts of warm fuzzy feelings.

Sometimes, it’s too easy to come to LJ to complain and procrastinate, so today I thought I’d come here and celebrate the good things instead. :D
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At the moment, no matter how vigorously I try to turn my mind to other things, it quickly jumps back to one pre-occupation: five day weekend.

I say: “OK, brain, let’s catalogue these books!”
My brain says: “I think 646.7 is the perfect number for that... FIVE DAY WEEKEND!!”

I say: “Right, brain, let’s get down to work on that fic that bit me the other day...”
My brain says: “Ooh, I can’t wait to get to that scene in the storage closet with... FIVE DAY WEEKEND!!”

I say: “Hey, brain! Let’s...”
My brain interrupts with: “FIVE DAY WEEKEND!!  FIVE DAY WEEKEND!!”

I should point out that my brain doesn’t always speak in caps.  Neither does it always place two exclamation marks at the end of everything it utters.  Usually, it’s quite well-spoken, a little devious and sometimes slightly less than pure in its observations on various... things.  But when it latches onto an idea like this, it certainly doesn’t spare the punctuation of excitement.

All because there’s a five day weekend coming up and I can’t for it to arrive.  It’s like a little mini-holiday in the middle of term; a sweet oasis of calm in the hectic desert of term four.  Even though we have to endure three days earlier in the year staying back at work ’til 6pm to earn this treat, it’s worth it when cup weekend finally arrives.

Ah, but what to do with it when I reach it?  How to waste it?  How to enjoy it?  Should I promise to write or not?

I guess only the weekend knows.

Oh, and the only reason I managed to get my brain to stay focussed on this entry was because I made a deal with it at the start...

I said: “Right, brain, we’re going to do a post on LJ and I don’t want you drifting off to lazy thoughts of the coming weekend.”
My brain said: “Awww, but...  Can we at least mention the FIVE DAY WEEKEND?”

I agreed and the post was written with minimal interruption.  However, I am now obliged to return to day-dreaming about my upcoming FIVE DAY WEEKEND!!


Aug. 22nd, 2006 05:30 pm
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Well, I was going to come on here and whinge about stupid Australia Post sending my manga, for which I’ve waited almost a month now, to the wrong post office for collection.  I was going to follow that up with a slightly embarrassed admission to the effect that I didn’t actually look at the collection notice to see which post office I should actually run off to... before I ran off to the wrong one.

Once that was out of the way, I was going to rant about how unfair it was that my Timothy’s parcel of stuff had been left at the door whereas my parcel of lovely manga was going to remain languishing in a post office until the next afternoon.

And then I came back inside from my fruitless jaunt to the wrong post office and opened the parcel that I’d assumed held my Timothy’s stuff.  It was at this point that all of my carefully-planned rants fell apart because the parcel actually contained my manga.


Of course, irony contrived to make sure that it was the stuff that was shipped after the first lot and that I can’t actually read it until the other parcel arrives, but I don’t care.  Twenty-five percent of my manga is finally here!

I shall now dance.
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On the weekend, I was privileged enough to receive my very first piece of fanart, courtesy of the good [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog.  Despite my many years of working with words and crafting stories, I don’t feel I’m actually capable of expressing how excited and delighted I was by this.  I always love receiving feedback on my stories and I think (after having now experienced it) that receiving a piece of fanart has to be the ultimate compliment.  The idea that something in your story impressed someone enough to sit down and draw it for you is truly amazing.

The story in question is Child Care and the artist is [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog/Flit.

‘Child Care’ fanart by Flit

If you click on the image, you’ll be taken to the larger version on Flit’s LJ.  I’m delighted with it.  It’s exactly as I imagined the image in my head as I was writing the story and I’m simply chuffed to realise that it came across just as strongly to those who read the story.

Thank-you muchly, good Flit.

P.S.  Squeeee!


Jul. 17th, 2006 06:13 pm
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Alas, Ikvar has yet to respond to the email I sent him.  Perhaps he was a figment of my imagination after all...

* * *

In other news, I once more encountered the reality of communication being a very important thing that rarely ever happens in workplaces.  For example, if someone had sent me an email telling me that my group certificate was waiting to be picked up from the bursar’s office, where I would have to sign it out, then I would have gone and done so.  Amazing but true.  Alas, this didn’t happen and I was left to sit around, twiddling my thumbs while I wondered where the hell my group certificate was so I could get on with my tax return.

I seem to be plagued with bursars of the incompetent variety, I'm afraid.  Well, at least this one hasn’t cost me twelve hundred dollars yet...

* * *

In happier news, a very short story of mine is online at AntiSF.  It’s not my best story, but it’s very very short and comes packaged with nine other stories of similar shortness which I haven’t read yet.  So if you feel like having a look, ’tis here.
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This afternoon, I received a notice that a parcel was awaiting collection at the post office and I knew it could only be one thing: at long last, my testamur had arrived!  I had twelve minutes to walk down to the post office and pick it up, so with a sigh of relief at the lack of rain, off I went.  Ten minutes later, the official piece of paper, declaring me to have "fulfilled all obligations and prescribed conditions" of my Bachelor of Arts, was in my hands.

I must admit, it's a very boring-looking piece of paper, but it is the real thing.  It's such a relief to have it in my hands at last!

Here I am, modelling the most expensive piece of paper I'll ever own...

It's official!
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