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15 Minute Fic: creativity in a hurry

The original [livejournal.com profile] 15minuteficlets community will be closing in May and the maintainers will not be handing it over to anyone once they’re done.  However, they did encourage other people to start anew... and that’s just what I’m doing, with the help of the good [livejournal.com profile] crazedturkey.  We’ll be posting our first prompt word at [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic on Monday and making an effort to get into a good weekly habit.  I just love the concept of the fifteen minute ficlet too much to let it die.

Please feel free to join up and join in.  It’s great fun, whether you’ve been writing for years or have just toyed with the idea of jotting a story down.  You never know what you’ll discover about yourself.

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Is your friends page taking longer than usual to load? The most likely culprit is the new contextual hover menu which, while fun to look at, slows down the loading of your page considerably. You can turn it off in the Viewing Options menu.
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If you have a google email account (or know somebody whose name starts with B and who happens to be writing this post and also just happens to have some forty-eight invitations remaining), then you'll be delighted to know that you can now create your own webpage with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and an easy-to-remember address.

Your google page gives you up to 100 megabytes of storage (that's more than enough, believe me - I used to have 15 meg at GeoCities and I only managed to use a third of it) and your address will be username.googlepages.com.  That's as easy to remember as your LJ address and much more memorable than some of the addresses provided by other free webhosts out there.

Why not have a look?

Found via ProBlogger

The cast

Jan. 2nd, 2005 01:28 pm
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In the grand old tradition of new year, everyone seems to be re-capping the year that has passed and making wild and adventurous resolutions for the year ahead. Good for them, I say. I toyed briefly with doing this too, but then realised I couldn’t be bothered. So, if anyone out there is interested in discovering what 2004 meant for this little Buneater, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to start here and work your way along.

So, instead of going to a lot of effort and musing over the things that made 2004 such an interesting year, packed full of 366 days, along with numerous nights and unseasonal hail-storms, I decided I would take this opportunity to introduce my readers to the cast of millions that features in this little blog of mine. The idea arose from a comment by the good [livejournal.com profile] poisonheadache, begging to know who “the Boy” might be. So blame her. :) The nerd in me wouldn’t let this happen without some pictures to brighten everything up, so most of the cast entries are accompanied by a handy photo. As I seem to have a knack of taking photos of people when they’re looking their silliest, several of the aforementioned photos are rather amusingly silly. And now, without any further blathering, I shall begin.

Bunhead Katiefoolery (who once was Buneater)
This is me, strangely enough. I go by “Katiefoolery” now, but I used to call myself the “Buneater”. People often ask me where the name “the Buneater” came from and I tell them it’s a long and not-very-intersting story. And it’s true. Suffice to say, I’m very happy with this most ridiculous of names and bear it with pride. I live in Melbourne and work in a secondary school library. The rest of the time I seem to spend either on the internet or in attempting to become the next J. K. Rowling, despite my inherent dislike of the phrase “the next J. K. Rowling”. Since it turned out I spent more time procrastinating instead of actually doing anything, I decided to finally finish my Bachelor of Arts degree. Now that I’ve finished that, I have to decide whether or not to do a Master of Information Management and Systems and become a librarian. In the meantime, I work in a secondary school library four days a week and spend Wednesday procrastinating.

A meme once called me a grammar god and we all know memes never lie. Worship me or, if not me, then at least worship the apostrophe.

Timhead My Timothy
Next comes my Timothy, who goes by the alias “[livejournal.com profile] bunhusband” when he’s lurking about on my journal. In case you’re wondering, yes - it’s not easy going through life with a pixelated face with a question mark sitting in front of it. In fact, it’s downright dangerous, especially when he’s driving. My Timothy, as the possessive may indicate, is my husband, soul-mate and best friend. His duties include kicking me out of bed at 7:00am to go to work, cooking, cleaning and banning me from doing the dishes. He also performs heavy lifting tasks and acts as an un-paid chef and chauffeur. When he’s not busy doing all of those things, he stands in as my inspiration for just about everything I do these days.

Picklehead Pickle
Good old Pickle. She’s our little kitty - just over two years old and incredibly gorgeous. Pickle likes looking adorable, sleeping, eating and racing around the house like a thing possessed. She also enjoys licking people and biting them in a friendly, albeit sharp, manner. Another of her habits includes sitting on my keyboard and getting annoyed when I try to type. (Although I was very proud of her the day she typed the word “pop”.)

Pickle has an alter-ego known as PSYCHOPANTS!!, who is largely responsible for the racing around and generally looking deranged.

Dahead The Da
This is my father, referred to as “my father”, “my dad”, “dad” or “the da”, depending on my mood. He had the unlucky task of raising me, along with my mother. The two of them ran away to Beechworth a year or so ago, forcing us to take three and half hour trips to visit them. On the up side, it’s very nice in Beechworth. You may be able to spot the remarkable eye-brows that adorn the Da’s face. These are eye-brows with their own personality and a habit of twirking up insanely. My Timothy aspires to these eye-brows and is actually part-way to cultivating his own.

Mahead The Ma
Here be my mother, looking relatively sane. This is completely un-representative of her normal state of being. She was given the task of bringing me up and instilling reasonably good values in me. I think she sort of succeeded. These days, I tease her for giving me a gravy mug and then asking for it back, because she hadn’t meant to give it to me in the first place. I also mock her for not having a pantry. Ma taught me that it’s fun to talk to inanimate objects, a policy I embrace whole-heartedly to this day.

Boyhead The Boy
“The Boy” is my younger (and only) brother - so named for that sketch in The Simpsons, wherein Bart is referred to as “Rat Boy”. In yet another indication of my laziness, I couldn’t be bothered calling my brother “Rat Boy”, so my mum and I settled for simply calling him “the Boy”, and just implying the “rat” bit. The Boy lives with my almost-sister-in-law, the Sonia, with one two three four cats and often spends Thursday nights at my place, eating pizza. Well, spent, since he now lives right next door to the parents in Beechy. I decided it was a tiny bit unreasonable to require them to make a six hundred kilometre round trip every week just to keep up a tradition based on eating greasy, dough-based meals.

Soniahead The Sonia
The Sonia is my almost-sister-in-law. She has an insane sense of humour and the ridiculous, which means she fits nicely into our family. It’s thanks to her that I was introduced to the term “dew-dew”, which means absolutely nothing to anyone apart from her, the Boy and myself.

Buffhead The Buffster
Ah, the good old Buffster, or Buffy, as normal people call her. Buffy, the Buffster, Wuffs, Fooffer, Tigs, Tigger, Fatso, Wuff-Wuff... this cat goes by many names and also comes when she’s whistled, mostly because she thinks she’s a dog. Buffy was our family cat for years and years and has now gone into retirement in Beechworth. She enjoys eating. A lot.

The Buffster died last year after a very long life of laziness and dirty looks.

Bindihead Bindi
The latest addition to this list is Bindi, Tim’s sister, who has recently come to live with us when she split up with her boyfriend at the start of 2005. She comes with a bonus cat, Nala, who enjoys hiding under the bed and running from us if we come within one hundred metres of her. As a result of this, I enjoy spending a lot of time running after her with my hands out-stretched, saying: Garrh! Bindi has now split up with her boyfriend, making her a permanent member of this household. Shortly after moving in with us, the good Bindi put away all the dishes and found a pair of socks, making her a useful addition to the household.

Also starring:
Glenys and Anne, my work colleagues.
Sunny and Serina (aka the stupid, stinking liar), colleagues from my previous job.
Dollie, Michelle, Bev and Margaret - colleagues from the job before that. (Also featuring in episodes from these days is the helper monkey, who attempted to kidnap my mug and its plendiferous flying cow.)
Tina, the sort of next-door neighbour from whom you hide when you see her coming. (Thankfully, she doesn’t feature that often, or I’d start arming myself with a frying pan whenever I venture outside.)

So there you have it - the major players in this little LJ here. Of course, I probably spend more time talking about fictional characters than I do about real people, but as least I now have a handy list of the poor people who are forced to turn up in my LJ without being asked first.

P.S. I’d love to see pics of the people who feature in my friends’ LJ posts, so do feel free to steal this idea. :)

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