Jan. 8th, 2009

katiefoolery: (fivedotnerds)
Well, they're certainly going. Two down, three to go.

My very first vlog is live. And audible! Amazing, but true. Look here for proof:

And yes, it says "WEDNESDAY" in the title in complete defiance of the fact that it's THURSDAY here. However, it's still Wednesday in many, many parts of the world so I maintain that my video is not late. On the contrary: it's just being considerate and inclusive of those of you who have yet to venture into today.

It's strange how quickly you become accustomed to new things. The first time I recorded myself, I felt like an absolute idiot. Which, admittedly, is not that far removed from my normal way of thinking. However. I think I'm even growing indifferent to watching myself on the screen as I edit. Things always seem so much harder before you actually begin them.

So, since I obviously haven't done this much before (or, uh, ever...), I'm open to advice. What should I be doing? What shouldn't I be doing? What am I doing well? What needs improvement? Help me to become better at this whole thing!

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