Jan. 27th, 2009

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Well, I did mention it in my first vlog: I like shiny things.

And I have a new shiny thing.

New Computer

(Can you see my webcam sitting on the box beside the computer? Doesn't it look like it's staring right at you? I swear, the thing watches me...)

This lovely, shiny thing is replacing my old desktop, which was dodgy from the word go. On the up side, it had the entire Office 2003 suite on it. On the down side, I'm not sure it was entirely legal...

And now, on a completely random note, I would like to know why I look at the keyboard, note where the delete key is... and then press the home key instead. IT IS ANNOYING.

It feels weird to be without a desktop computer. I've always had a desktop computer. It's not as though this one's all that portable, though - it's a desktop replacement computer, after all. I'm not going to be carting it with me to work or anything.

No, that's what my netbook's for. :D

And in other news, I have already recorded my vlog A DAY IN ADVANCE. I'm worried. The last minute is when I do things, not a day in advance. I may have doomed us all to... doom.

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